2-Wheel Motorcycle Endorsement Testing

Puget Sound Safety is now scheduling appointments for both the written and riding tests to obtain a 2-wheel motorcycle endorsement for your WA Drivers License. If you are 18 years or older and not military or DoD then you can do the tests individually or together with us.

Motorcycle Endorsement Testing Schedule

Where do you offer testing?

  • Walk-In Written Tests
    • Puyallup - Main Office
    • Tacoma - Branch Office
  • Pre-Scheduled Written and Riding Tests
    • Lacey
    • Puyallup (knowledge tests only)
    • Centralia (knowledge tests only)

Go to our Testing Locations page for hours, addresses, and directions.

When do you offer testing?

Walk in written testing is available during regular business hours at our administrative office in Puyallup as well as at our branch office in Taocma (see above). We also have many pre-scheduled dates available at other locations. Go to the schedule page to make an appointment.

What are the testing fees?

  Written test Skills test Combined tests*
Advance registration online or in an office $40 $50 $90
Walk-on registration $50 $75 $125

Combined tests refers to doing your written and skills testing in the same session on the same day at the same location.  These are referred to as "combo", "combined", or "written & skills" testing on the schedule.

What if I don't pass the tests?

Testing again is available should you not pass the test.  Our suggestion would be to study up/practice and come back to test again when you are ready. 

For our walk-in written testing you can retest at any time during normal business hours including the same day if you are ready to do so.  Normal testing fees apply.

For other pre-scheduled appointments (written & skills) find the date that works for you  (testing dates) and schedule when you are ready.

Do I need my own motorcycle for the riding test?

The testing is really for people who have their own motorcycle and are experienced riders. If you do not have a motorcycle of your own yet, but are an experienced rider, you may rent a motorcycle for a small fee - contact the office for rental details and reservations 253-770-8888.

If you do not have your own motorcycle, or are a bit rusty on skills - we highly recommend one of our inexpensive training courses. They include tips and tricks for riding, include the use of a school motorcycle, and include the license testing as well.

I've made an appointment, but where do I find out the details?

After making an appointment and paying the fee you'll be sent (by email most of the time) information about where to go, when to check in, what to expect, and some basic policies. You can Contact Us if you have any questions or concerns. Please read the Terms & Conditions for full details.

  • You must arrive on time for your appointment. Late arrivals may not be allowed to test.
  • You must bring valid photo identification (drivers license, state identification card, or passport)
  • For skills testing you must bring riding gear (DOT-approved helmet, and eye protection at a MINIMUM).

Can I reschedule my testing appointment?

Yes, if you provide us 72 hours or more notice you are eligible to reschedule. You must email us or call our office (253-770-8888) during regular business hours to reschedule. Please read the Terms & Conditions for additional information.

2-Wheel Motorcycle Training Courses

Puget Sound Safety has 3 types of training courses available that include the written and riding tests for your 2-wheel motorcycle endorsement. If you are under the age of 18, are military or are DoD, then you are required to complete a training course and cannot do testing by itself to obtain an endorsement or get on a military installation. The good part is that the training and testing options start at $125 in price and two of the types of courses include the use of a school motorcycle.

Basic Rider Training

  • For new riders or those that have not ridden in a long time.
  • Teaches people "how to ride" a motorcycle.
  • About 16 hours total training time (classroom and riding sessions).
  • Includes use of a school motorcycle.
  • Includes written and riding tests.
  • Learn more here.

Intermediate Rider Training

  • For returning riders who know how to ride but do not have their own bike right now.
  • For "re-learning" core riding skills and preparing for riding on the street.
  • About 8 hours total training time (classroom and riding sessions).
  • Includes use of a school motorcycle.
  • Includes written and riding tests.
  • Learn more here.

Experienced Rider Training

  • For people who already ride and have their own motorcycle.
  • Helps to polish and perfect riding skills.
  • About 8 hours total training time (all in one riding session).
  • Use your own motorcycle.
  • Includes written and riding tests.
  • Learn more here.

Why should I take a training course instead of just testing?

Under the professional guidance of an instructor, riders improve their skills and become far better at operating their motorcycles. There are many simple tips, tricks, and strategies that make riding easier, safer, and more fun. The cost is not much more than just testing and is a great way to gain confidence before mingling with all the hazards of riding on public roads.

Many insurance companies offer great discounts to people to participate in a training course. Many riding clubs (HOG, Kawasaki, GWTA, etc) require their members to continually improve riding skills through rider training courses.

What types of motorcycles are available for use during the training courses?

The school utilizes 100-300cc motorcycles. There are standard, cruiser, sport, and dualsport types available.

Where can I learn more about the training courses?

On our webpage at Puget Sound Safety